Blue Water Recoveries is a leading ultra deep-sea operations company that specialises in the research, location and filming of modern and historic shipwrecks.  It has found and filmed some of the World’s most famous and controversial shipwrecks; notoriously illusive wrecks that others predicted would never be found or their mysteries solved.

BWR have located numerous shipwrecks for a variety of client interests including commercial cargo salvage, marine accident and insurance investigations, Government inquiries, and the production of high-quality television documentaries.

The keys to BWR’s high rate of success (88%) are their meticulous approach to historical research, thorough planning and management of projects and unparalleled expertise and experience in the conduct of challenging high-profile projects.  The company owns a large archive of proprietary shipwreck information and are the holders of three Guinness World Records including location of the deepest shipwreck ever found at a depth of 5,762 metres.